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With Didi Luxe, Didi Brings A Stylish Ride Option To English Speakers

2017/9/4 11:46:42

Ride-hailing apps are lifesavers for city explorers and travelers in China. But after parties, between business meetings, and when you are packed for a long-awaited weekend getaway or a 12-hour flight, do you sometimes long for a more relaxed, luxury ride experience? This week, DiDi Chuxing, China's leading mobile ride-hailing platform is adding a Luxe option to its bilingual app, combining old-school limousine service with on-demand access.

Scouts in Beijing report users of DiDi English interface may now choose from DiDi Luxe, Premier, Express and Taxi services from the updated home page. You may book a BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Audi sedans with professional chauffeurs who speak basic English 30 minutes in advance. DiDi says the service will extend to other cities throughout 2017 and 2018. 


DiDi adds Luxe to its English personal mobility services


DiDi Luxe also carries some nice novel features. You may treat a friend to a luxury ride at an extra click, or set up care-free airport send-offs and pickups.

DiDi Chuxing launched its bilingual service in May 2017. Now, DiDi Taxi, DiDi Express, and DiDi Premier services are available in English across China. The app now accepts major international credit cards and allows communication with native drivers through a real-time, in-app message translation service.

Download the latest APP by scanning the below QR code.

Source from: Cityweekend