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Next Steps Once We've Found Your Home

Next Steps once you have found your ideal home with us:
1.  We get our legal team to fully read the lease agreement and translate into English.
2.  We help negotiate the contract on your behalf to ensure you get the best value for the property.
3.  We arrange a full inventory of the property before you move in, to be signed by you and the landlord on the  day of check in.
4.  We record the meter readings for the utilities for your home, and ensure that all bills are paid up to date, so that you don't end up footing      the bill for the previous tenants.
5.  We help set you up on all the utility bills and show you how to pay them ongoing
6.  We help set up your international TV channels and internet where required, and show you how to pay these ongoing
7.  We assist you to register your new address with the local police office.
8.  We are available throughout your tenancy to help rectify any issues or questions that arise.
9.  We follow up with a courtesy call one week after you have moved in, and every 3 months after that.
10. We will send you our short customer satisfaction survey for you to let us know how we did. This information helps us continual check       and improve our services to you.
11. We will send you a lease expiry reminder 3 months prior to it expiring.
12. We help negotiate the lease renewal of your home on your behalf.
13. We are present at the check out to ensure the inventory is checked, and your damage deposit is returned, and the lease agreement is       cancelled.
14. We will assist you with closing bank accounts, taking your name off utility bills, and to inform the local police office of your departure.