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How to Repel Mosquitoes at End of Summer Outside Your Apartment

2017/8/7 18:03:05

As end of summer is approaching us, mosquitoes are becoming desperately in their blood-sucking. As there are so many factors such as prices, ingredients and methods to use-spray, patch or bracelet, It can be tough to choose a good mosquito repellent. Here the considerate JRE offers you some information on several most popular mosquito-repelling products to help you make a quick and wise decision and enjoy the end of summer safely with your beloved family outside your apartment.



Raid by Off (100 ml/¥19.8)

Off is always a good, reliable standby. It’s a quick and easy spray that you can take with you on the go to re-apply. Raid lasts for hours (depending on your activities) and you can put it on your clothes or skin. The only downside is that it’s made with deet; if you want more natural ingredients, look at the options below.



Santecare Patches (¥36)

If you’re worried about kids and dangerous chemicals, you may want to try these patches. Santecare mainly uses eucalyptus oil in these patches to live up to their promise of natural protection and ingredients. There are 12 patches in each box and each one should protect you for eight hours.


Watsons Natural Mosquito Repellent Patch (¥18)

Watsons also carries their own natural repellents that are great for long days outside. The patch is deet-free, using citronella oil instead to repel bugs. Each box has 20 patches total (five packs of four patches each), but you may need to use an entire pack of patches at a time for good protection. Stick the patch on your clothing, not skin, but be wary—on a hot day the patch can leave glue stains on your clothes.


Watsons Repellent Bracelet (?15)

If you’re worried about patches falling off as your kids run around, you may opt for a repellent bracelet instead. Each pack only has two bracelets, but they last for 72 hours each. Like the patch, the bracelets use citronella oil instead of deet. Fasten the bracelet around a wrist or ankle for protection all day.


Moskuitout Spray (?70/100 ml) or Patches (?39)

If you really want to go natural and are willing to pay the price, Moskuitout uses wild tomato extract and eucalyptus oils. The spray and patch are both effective for 12 hours and you can put either one on your clothing. There are 12 patches in a box, but you may want to use one patch on your upper body and one on your lower body if there are lots of bugs out.

Wish you and your family an enjoyable Summer End!