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Everything You Need to Know About the New China Work Visa

2017/8/21 14:59:41


Recently the Chinese work visa policy has changed, which has left a lot of uncertainty for foreigners working in China. There are now 3 main categories where by which the foreign work force will be evaluated, a technical breakdown and checklist of each category is listed below:

A – Foreign Top Level Talent
Category A employees are those in high-level management, scientists and leading figures in academia, business, entertainment and sports. 85 points are required for A.
Class A (if you meet any one of following conditions):
? · Selected by China talent import plan
? · Internationally recognized rewards
? · Scarce jobs encouraged by Chinese government
? · Innovative and Entrepreneurial Talent
? · Selected by the Youth-Talent project
? · Personal comprehensive quality - score >85 points * score sheet below
B- Foreign Professionals
Category B workers are degree holders (at least a Bachelors) with two years’ work experience, which we're assuming are the majority of foreigners in China. There's an additional age limit of 60 for class-B foreigners. 60-85 points are required for B.
Class B (your job must be one open for foreign expat), and then you have to meet any one of following conditions:
  · You have Bachelor or higher degree and 2 years full time related work experience.
  · You have Bachelor or higher degree and Your salary is equal or over 26,100 RMB/Month (the government will check your income tax receipt next year)
  · For foreign language teacher in China, you should have Bachelor or higher degree and 2 years full time teaching experience, and you can only teach your native language. If your major is Education, Language or Teaching or if you have recognized TEFL certificate, then 2 years full time teaching experience can be exempt.
  · Personal comprehensive quality – score 60-84 points * score sheet below
C-Unskilled Workers
Category C foreign workers in the service industry with seasonal/temporary jobs like a 6-month teaching placement. Any point total below 60 gives you a C rating.
Class C (number of employee has limitation) and it’s including:
  · Foreigner who came to China based on governments agreement
  · Internship based on government agreement (F.E. French intern 1000)
  · Foreign maid who will come to China and serve for Class A
  · Some seasonal job on border of China that is approved by Chinese government
* Score sheet below
*The system was implemented nationwide in April 2017; the new permit will be accompanied by a foreigner ID which allows foreigners to purchase items or sign up for things that once required a Chinese national ID, and the option to apply for a five-year permit.

To apply the “Foreigner’s work permit” (FWP), you need to apply the “Foreigner’s work license”(FWL) first, It takes about 20 working days altogether.. Based on the new “Foreigner's Work Permit” (FWP) policy, it now takes about 15 working days to renew the work permit, plus 7 working days for the residence permit renewal. It's total 22 working days (before it's only 12 working days). If your employer didn't register in the new system, it will take extra 5 working days for online account registration.

Point System

嘎嘎嘎.png反反复复    .png

Checklist for applying:
1.Application form
2.Working experience letter
3.Applicant’s highest degree (Authenticated by the Chinese Embassy / Consulate, or Authenticated by the foreign Embassy / Consulate in China,or notarized by a local notary public in applicant's home country)
4.Applicant’s police clearance (issued by your home country local police department or security department or notary public or Consulate in China is all ok)
5.Health certificate
6.Employment contract
7.Other qualifications if you belongs to class A

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