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WeChat - Your All-round Life Assistant in China

WeChat is a Mobile Instant Communication App with the Largest User Base in Asia. It has various functions to make your life easier and colorful. Let’s get to know the functions one by one.
As we can see from the bottom at the screenshot  on the left, WeChat consists of the following four parts:

Chats: to show all your latest chats. You can send text message, voice message, short videos, emoji as well as pictures. You can also make voice chatting, video chatting  as well as transfer money to your friends.
Contacts: Your WeChat Contact List ordered alphabetically. By clicking the search mark at top( a magnifier), you can find the one you want to chat with quickly.
Discover: Through it you can find life details your WeChat Friends shared on “Moments”, likewise you can share details of your life on “Moments”.
By “scan QR code”, you can add new friends, new Official Accounts that interest you by its contents and make payments.
Me: By  the tag “Wallet “, you can make payments for  nearly everything about your daily life, such as  Mobile Top Up, Utilities, Card Repay, Rail& Flights, Taxi Ordering,  Food Delivery,  Sharing Bicycle. But to make all the payments, you must first Add a Bank Card to your WeChat Account.

How to Use Wechat

First , download it in the APPs Store in your smart phone by searching “ WeChat”. Then you can see the Chinese Version. Download it and then click the tags step by step. “我  ” →“设置”  →“通用” →“多语言” →“English”or the language you prefer. Then everything on this APP will be shown in the language you have chosen and you can try every function following the guides step by step.(Note: For English, almost everything will be shown successfully, but for other languages, something may still be shown in Chinese.)

About Chats: choose the one you want to chat with, send text message by clicking the icon of keyboard , voice message by pressing"Hold to Talk",emoji by clicking the icon of smile ,others like pictures, voice call invitation, video call invitation or Transfer Money by clicking the icon of + within a circle         .

About Moments: If you want to share details of life with your friends or know your friends’ current life, you can click" Discover"  →   "Moments".Then you can see what your Wechat Friends have shared.

To like it or give your comments, click the icon at the bottom right corner of each post.Click the icon of HEAER to like it and the icon of TEXTBOX to give your comments.Please refer to the following screenshot.


If you want to share details of your life just click the icon of "Discover" →  "Moments" →  the icon of "Camera" at the top right corner to choose photos and say something.

For other functions about payment, just click the icon of "Me"→  "Wallet", then choose the tag of the service you need and follow guidance step by step.