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We know that moving to a new country and new culture can be daunting and scary. This is why we have pulled together a list of useful information and links to help you find your feet in China.
What Beijing has to offer
Beijing is the capital of China, and as such is a bustling city with many things to offer its thriving population.

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Tips when looking at properties
Finding a new home in another country with a completely different culture can be a mine field. Here we offer some tips on what to look out for and what to ask for when looking at properties in China.

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International Schools
Here is a quick list of the major
International schools in Beijing, including a brief introduction, the address, number and website for each one.

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Chinese Culture and Business Etiquette
As part of our welcome pack we will give you a detailed booklet about Chinese culture and Business Etiquette. But here are a few quick tips to bear in mind.

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Useful Chinese words
Here is our quick reference to some of the most useful words and sentences to help you with living in China. If you want our more comprehensive guide to everyday Chinese, then please call and ask for our welcome pack.

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Our Orientation programme and other services
We offer many services to make your stay in our country as pleasant as possible, including our orientation tours to familiarize you with Beijing's services, facilities and nightlife.

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